5 Incredible Pibbles That You Didn't Know About

We love searching the web for images and videos of pibbles and this is a list of a few of the most incredible pibbles we've found. These guys prove how amazing this breed is.

1. Sharky

This pibble shows the friendly and calm nature of pibbles. Just look at how amazingly well he gets along with all the other animals he lives with.

2. Czr

Czr is quite possibly the most intelligent pibble on the planet. He answers his owner by nodding "Yes" or shaking his head for "No". Almost too incredible to believe!

3. Veronica

Another contender for the smartest dog on the planet. Just take a look at what this pibble with an IQ of 250+ can do!

4. Meaty

This pibble embodies the happy-go-lucky nature of pibbles. He's such a happy boy who's always smiling. Noone can be around this guy and not be happy.

 5. Biggy

Pibbles are big in personality and heart. There is no other pibble that demonstrates that more than Biggy, the dwarf pibble.


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