5 Whiny Pibbles That Show You Why They Are The Biggest Babies

If you have a pibble you know what I'm talking about - pibbles are the biggest babies! They want your attention all day long and they'll whine and whine to get it. Usually it's just because they're bored.

Pibbles always want to interact with you in some way or another. So when you're not interacting with them, they get super bored - they just can't play by themselves lol! You could literally just sit and talk to them and that's all they want. Sometimes my father will just talk to our Oreo while reading a newspaper or watching TV and Oreo will talk back and you can tell that he just really loves it.

And pibbles can make all sorts of whiny noises. Just take a look at these 5 pibbles who show you why they are the biggest babies:

1. Chocolate

 "As I was uploading videos of my foster dog, Mojo, on a Super-Bowl Sunday afternoon, Ms. Chocolate needed to express her boredom and frustration by whining & trilling at me... I love her!" - Chocolate's owner

2. 9 month old pibble (name unknown)

 3. Dallas

 4. Pibble whines to get on couch

 5. Dozer - he sounds like Chewbacca!



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  • LOL – pibble’s make the strangest noises.


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