Benefits of Massage for Pibble Behavior and Training

Benefits of Massage for Pibble Behavior and Training

At Zen Pibble, we love to foster strong relationships between pibbles and people. You can help your pibble build confidence and strong social skills through an appropriate diet, proper veterinary care and a massage therapy regimen.

Massage can help pibbles in the following ways:

  • relieves nervous tension
  • provides positive reinforcement
  • improves oxygen flow to the brain
  • stimulates release of “feel-good” chemicals in the brain
  • assists with socialization
  • supports positive handling experiences - it makes them feel comfortable to the touch of people
  • helps the animal achieve a "zen state" (calm mind, relaxed body)

Whether your pibble is just a puppy undergoing training or an older, adopted pibble with an unknown history, massage can be a valuable tool in helping build their confidence and helping them to be safe and happy in all sorts of social situations.

Consider using the Zen PEBBLE™ to aid in the massage therapy of your pibble. 

Another great product for pibbles is the Zen PIBBLESCRUBBER™, which is extremely soft and gentle on the pibble's skin. It creates a more enjoyable and soothing bath time experience - a must have for pibbles who hate getting baths!

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  • Massaging really helps animals – all animals, not just pibbles. It can really help calm a nervious and anxious dog.


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