Benefits of Massage for your Pibble's Skin and Coat

Benefits of Massage for your Pibble's Skin and Coat

At Zen Pibble, we believe that how your pibble's skin and coat looks is an expression of inner health. For example, a lustrous coat is a clear sign of a healthy pibble. Having a healthy skin and coat requires a good diet, lots of exercise and a massage therapy regimen.

Massage can help your pibble's skin and coat in the following ways:

  • helps remove their old hair to support new growth
  • addresses skin issues such as dandruff and dry skin
  • improves their circulation to the surface
  • improves their luster of the coat
  • helps to relieve itchy skin and allergies
  • releases natural oils to increase shine

Remember that just like with people, the pibble's skin is their first line of defense against infection. A healthy skin and coat helps the pibble resist parasites, pests and lessens the risk of exposure to bacteria, fungus and other pathogens. Healthy skin means a healthy pibble – and massage can support both.

Consider using the Zen PEBBLE™ to aid in the massage therapy of your pibble. 

Another great product for pibbles is the Zen PIBBLESCRUBBER™, which is extremely soft and gentle on the pibble's skin. It creates a more enjoyable and soothing bath time experience - a must have for pibbles who hate getting baths!


  • Pibbles naturally have a nice coat and if you take good care of them, it only looks and feels better and better.

  • Please make more shorter articles like this!! I like it – straight to the point.


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