The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Senior Pibbles

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Senior Pibbles

Massage for senior pibbles has the following amazing benefits:

  • increases flexibility for their aging joints
  • improves circulation to all of their tissues
  • provides stimulation for them if they are lethargic
  • decreases their depression
  • improves their appetite
  • supports their immune system
  • supports their liver and kidney function

As pibble owners, watching our kids navigate their golden years can be bittersweet. We need tools and techniques to help them maintain function and mobility and comfort them as their senses and abilities decline. Massage can be a valuable part of that picture.

Consider using the Zen PEBBLE™ to aid in the gentle massage therapy of your senior pibble. 

Another great product for senior pibbles is the Zen PIBBLESCRUBBER™, which is extremely soft and gentle on your pibble's skin - just perfect for giving your senior pibble a comforting and soothing bath.


  • Senior puppers are so cute. We need to do more to help them in their old age.

  • I have 2 senior pibbles and I’ve been giving them massages for years. You can tell how much of a positive effect it’s had on them. They’re healthy and happy.

  • Yesss – please massage your seniors. It’s so good for them. Quite often people will spend less time with their senior dogs, especially if they get a new puppy. So the senior dog starts feeling neglected. The more you massage them, the more they feel loved.


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