Zen PIBBLESPRINKLER™ – A Pibble Showerhead and Bath Brush

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📌 The last pibble showerhead and brush combo you'll ever buy!

  1. Bathe and clean your pibble faster, easier, and more efficiently while you stay dry. ✔️
  3. Make bath time a more calming and enjoyable experience for both, you and your pibble. ✔️
  5. Save upto 50% water, 40% shampoo and a ton of time (these figures are based on what we've seen with real-life usage of the Zen PIBBLESPRINKLER™). ✔️
  7. Take comfort knowing that you're using a high quality and safe product that's environmentally friendly and non-toxic. ✔️
Zen Pebble - A handheld pibble massage roller ball

The awesome benefits 😍

👍 SO EASY TO USE: The Zen PIBBLESPRINKLER™ has a universal attachment nozzle, so it will fit onto any shower. The On/Off button for the water spray function is ergonomically designed so that you can operate it with one hand.

👍 EFFICIENT CLEANING: The strong spray and conical massage bristles will easily remove all the the shampoo/soap, debris, dirt, and shedded hair from your pibble. This allows you to save a lot of water and even use less shampoo. The strong spray is very good at cleaning the dirt off the paws and inbetween the toes.

👍 VERY PORTABLE: The Zen PIBBLESPRINKLER™ is super easy to take with you anywhere – you can give your pibble a shower in the backyard, in the upstairs bathroom, or in the downstairs bathroom - wherever you want.

👍 BPA FREE: BPA is a toxic substance and we're proud and happy to say that the Zen PIBBLESPRINKLER™ – pibble showerhead and bath brush is completely BPA FREE and safe for your pibble.

Zen Pebble - A handheld pibble massage roller ball

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